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” We Official Moncler Outlet planned a second date

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Alright so I did some rough math here. Let’s compare dark seal refillable to (current) dorans 2 pots. You get an extra 100 mana from dark seal over Doran’s, same ability power. Refillable potion with dark seal with restore 312 health, as opposed to 300 for two pots. Advantage you get from dark seal start is 12 health and 100 mana moncler outlet (ignoring stacks from kills or assists).

cheap moncler sale What you are missing moncler outlets usa with dark seal is mana regen. For Leblanc, it’s 6(+0.8 per level). Let’s observe first 3 waves. 19 minions, that gives you 76 mana from Doran’s assuming you hit them all. moncler jackets mens Doran’s also gives you +50% base mana regen. Let’s say you’ve gotten level 2 at 2 min 5 seconds. That’s an additional 21 mana (because +50% base for 35 seconds is 3×7). Now level 3 isn’t as easy to calculate, but should be sometime around 2:45 3 min. Let’s say you push for level 3 and get around 2:45. For 40 seconds you have moncler jackets on sale an additional 3.4 per 5 seconds. That’s an additional 27 mana. The remainder of the wave should only take cheap moncler jackets about 10 15 seconds with 3.8 per 5 additional, so about 8 extra mana.

cheap moncler jackets kids moncler coats Now let’s compare what you’re overall mana difference would be between the starts (assuming you kill every minion). moncler outlet canada 76+21+27+8=132. moncler jacket outlet So starting Doran’s over dark seal you will regen 132 more mana, but because dark seal provides 100 mana, the difference is only 32 mana IF YOU KILL EVERY MINION. If you are bad at buy moncler jackets toronto CSing and miss 8 of them, starting current Doran’s would be a disadvantage.

Sure you change playstyle a bit and look for the early back, but this could easily force the enemy laner to stay in lane and allow you to come moncler jackets toronto back with a corrupting pot and pink ward, giving you a huge advantage. If they back, they have an amp tome on you at best, moncler jackets outlet online and only if they cs perfectly. Probably just boots and a pink moncler outlet ny ward, or another Doran’s. Either way I think you come out on top

moncler outlet As for potential new Doran’s, the 5 moncler coats for women per 5 is better than current Doran’s until level 6 if you don’t include passive from killing minions, and even then (roughly 6.3 minions per 30 seconds assuming perfect CS) that would be 4.2 mana per 5 from minion killing passive. If you get perfect CS (so best case scenario) you are moncler outlet online store looking at roughly [(6+0.8 per level)x1.5 +4.2] per 5 on old Doran’s as opposed to [(6+0.8 per level) +5] per 5. Equates to (13.2 +1.2 per level) per 5 compared to (10+0.8 per level) per 5. So yes, you lose a little bit of mana regen but it’s only about (3.2 +0.4 per level) discount moncler jackets per 5. Over 10 minutes and say early lane like 6 levels thats only going to be 400ish mana. Sounds big but over 10 minutes, it’s not. Factor in 5 bonus damage to minions and you probably farm better too. I think it will be ok.

moncler outlet store Hope my math checks out, I’m lying moncler coats cheap in bed on my phone switching from Reddit to internet browser to calculator to do all this math. My fingers hurt.

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buy moncler jackets I’m in a sort of similar situation. A week ago, I went on a first date. It went awesomely. I picked her up at 7, went to a new somewhat classy but not extremely upscale bar. Got a couple Moncler Factory Outlet drinks, a snack, and just talked for 4 hours. We were laughing, she was touching my arm, even brought up the “I don’t have sex on the first date, I hope moncler jacket online you weren’t expecting to.” Nonchalantly told her I wouldn’t moncler coats sale even if moncler coats outlet she wanted to as not to make the same mistakes as I did with my last relationship (which is true, even https://www.mymoncleroutlet.com though it would have been hard. Easily prettiest girl I’ve been on a date with). She even talked about some family members and said “if you ever meet them etc etc”

moncler outlet sale It went fantastically, and she told me afterwards it was the best date she’s ever been on. I asked her when I could see her again. She told me “whenever you want to.” We Official Moncler Outlet planned a second date, things were looking great. Weekend rolls around, she’s out of town moncler jackets canada visiting family. I go out with friends and got a little too drunk, end up sending a bunch of texts and snaps, which she responded to for the most part. However, after that she was extremely slow moncler jackets men to respond and when I asked if she was still good for our date tomorrow (this was on Monday) moncler chicago she didn’t moncler outlet kids respond for 24 hours and said she had to postpone due to tests and moncler jackets for women studying.

cheap moncler I tried to get a day but she womens moncler jackets just told me she didn’t know when she could. I hope she does, as we had tons of discount moncler outlet chemistry in our conversations, interests, music etc. I’m just preparing myself to be let down, again. I’m thinking maybe I came on a little strong that drunken night, and I need to just lay back a bit and hopefully she moncler outlet location won’t think I’m clingy or too accessible. Which I’m not, I was extremely excited after the first date and my alcohol clouded judgement allowed my desire to interact with her get in the way. Fingers crossed

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moncler outlet online Can confirm. I used to two trick Leblanc and Rengar. Both got shitty changes, so I switched up my champ pool, picked up viktor last season, and really loved him. However this lb revert has gotten me so excited, and I’ve been able to play her 4 games now. Though I’m nowhere near as mechanically on her, I found myself picking up combos fairly easily. Sure I have some stupid misplays here and there thinking I’m season 7 Leblanc, but overall it wasn’t that hard to get the feel for it (for the most part).

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cheap moncler jackets Ahh come Discount Moncler Coats on Zed W has 650 range,Jayce Q has 600 range,Wukong E 625range Xin is 650. Irelia is 625. Talons q range being a problem is obviously in reference to lane phase. So early game, not mid to late game.

I think the reason so many people are complain about q range is because they are bad at talon. Just go read what yamikaze wrote. He’s probably the best talon player on this sub. Maybe you cheap moncler coats for women won’t listen to me, but I doubt you’ll debate him on moncler coats for cheap it. Oh btw I’m pretty much saying exactly what he is. Get moncler outlet uk better at talon and be more creative and you won’t have trouble getting on top of your laner. You shouldn’t be allowed to just walk up and q the enemy without them having the chance to punish you for it. With 575 range you will be able to do that.

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moncler sale Submitted a support ticket. In another comment, I addressed how when I joined that first server, I couldn’t buy quests. I finished one, which got me a castaway and a moncler outlet usa sea farers. So I tried to buy another but the gold hoarder thing brought up no options and said there was some sort of moncler jackets cheap issue connecting to the server. I did the other ones I had which got me 2 more castaways and a sea farers. 3 level 25 quests and it gets me 3 moncler jackets outlet castaways and moncler outlet online a sea farers? Ok. That’s not RNG.

How is it so hard to accept that a relatively new game such as this still has bugs and errors? You’re the one who is wrong kiddo. I submitted a support ticket, I will be sure to let you know when they confirm my suspicions

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cheap moncler outlet You know dude, the reason you are able to slip under the radar is because your a staff officer. You are afforded a bit more freedoms, and you have an extra level of trust. You aren’t managed like lower enlisted. You aren’t there, no questions asked unless someone observes a pattern. And it’s fucks like you that make our joes think moncler jackets it’s ok.

monlcer down jackets moncler outlets uk How do you think this is going to affect other LTs, or PSGs who now have a soldier trying to fly under the radar and see what he could get away with? He read about an LT abusing the trust bestowed upon him, so why can’t he do it? I’m not a hooah go army guy either, but you 2018 Moncler can be damn sure I’m going to be the example of how I want my soldiers to behave. If skipping PT and severely shortening your duty day is what you’re going to do, so be it. But for gods sakes don’t post about it for a couple hundred karma. All you are doing is encouraging bad behavior.


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