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If you see someone you know promoting some crazy conspiracies

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moncler mens jackets moncler jackets mens AutoModerator [M] [score hidden] submitted 1 month ago

We asked you not to spam the report button, yet you fucks are serially reporting this post! Are you just trying to drive us fucking crazy??!!

I told you, every reaction gif is shitty if it on reddit. I told you, we not going to post your witty fucking bullshit to /r/BestOfReports. So moncler jackets outlet just stop it for fucks sake! While you still have dignity!

If you had bothered to fucking read any of my previous 10+ comments in this god cheap moncler jackets outlet damn thread, you know that you should message the fucking moderators if it actually violating the rules of reddit.

moncler outlet I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

So, first cheap moncler coats for women lets chat about T_D from the Russia side of things. They heavily promote Russian propaganda on your platform yet you seem to not view that as a problem because they aren Russian? Pretending like there aren objective facts like you are in your OP isn an answer there. If someone wants to constantly publish info from say, Ten_GOP or similarly Russian based disinformation sources, they should be banned. Flat out. If your platform moncler outlet canada is being used to influence elections moncler jacket outlet by bad actors cheap moncler jackets with stolen information, or flat out disinformation, no matter where they are from that should not be allowed.

cheap moncler There were over 2000 posts on T_D linked to or promoting IRA accounts And IRA is not the sum total of Russian interference. This doesn include ANY of the hacks, or any other promotion of RU backed accounts. And this is just what one user found.

monlcer down jackets And yet you keep T_D open despite all of that, you ignore subs like hillaryforprison, wikileaks, dncleaks as all of those are still up from during the moncler outlet woodbury election(or before). Despite again, constantly pushing material Russians wanted Americans to see to influence the election. And if you DID find users from moncler outlet ny Russia you should make those users public, and you should make where they posted public. Don delete their accounts and hide moncleronlineoutlet.com their posts, just lock them and post them as clear as day so people know what was going on. Label them as Russian interference. Label posts from Wikileaks and DNC leaks and sharing of IRA accounts as Russian interference. Tell users who interacted with these posts or posted in moncler jackets for women threads that they promoted that they were subject to interference and link them to it. (Which means yes, you obviously need to tell every single user of T_D) moncler outlet uk and likely tons of people from worldnews or politics or other political subs. You should have a clear list of what was pushed, by who and where. For all of reddit to see.

buy moncler jackets What does it take for you moncler jackets men guys to actually do something? I barely looked into RU interference on T_D and I guarantee you I could find countless examples of it not only moncler outlet store showing up, but being heavily upvoted. ESPECIALLY in regards to Russian leaks or Seth Rich.

moncler outlet online And for the less Russian side of things. T_D and lots of other subs I happily list promote dangerous levels of conspiracy and radicalization but that moncler outlet location is once again ignored. You let pizzagate be created by this same bunch, but that got removed after a guy shot up a pizza shop over it. Meanwhile T_D still to this day has posts and users promoting the Seth Rich conspiracy. You have subs for QAnon popping up that are promoting deep conspiracies along those same lines. /r/conspiracy basically turned into a separate t_d sub promoting Clinton conspiracies but that not a moncler chicago problem you do anything about. And you can literally watch users travel between these far right, conspiracy promoting subs. I know because I have them all https://www.moncleronlineoutlet.com tagged. Anytime a new one pops up, half the users or more end up being from T_D.

Not to mention the constant moncler coats outlet rule breaking that happens. T_D is just discount moncler jackets a hotbed of racism and other rulebreaking nonsense and users bring it up CONSTANTLY and yet again, its ignored. You can literally look at a thread from yesterday where every T_D user in the thread was comparing themselves to persecuted jews in Nazi moncler jackets kids germany for people tagging moncler jackets them with RES.. There have moncler coats been stories of a T_d user killing his father after his father called him out on his conspiracies, the kid from the most recent school shooting seemed to fit right into this same bunch, a young, white, far right kid who got radicalized online(though we don know for sure he was a t_d user). The guy who ran someone over in Charlottesville fits right into this same group, a young, white, far right kid who was radicalized online(though we don know for sure he was a t_D user). T_D is an active hotbed of far right radicalization. Its legitimately dangerous. And moncler jackets on sale its not the only sub doing it.

cheap moncler jackets And Its been ignored moncler outlet mall more or less since the creation of the moncler jacket online sub. If any other sub had this consistent degree of backlash and rule breaking it would have been banned. But you guys seem to either intentionally let it go because you either approve of it or are for some reason scared of them. Which is it?

cheap moncler coats You changed how the front page work during the election. T_D was abusing it, again, you let it go. You put a band buy moncler jackets toronto aid on the problem. But of course they got to keep the sub and their booming numbers off the back of abuse. And you can take back the promotion of content that ended up on the front page before you employed the fix. Like say, a video from Project Veritas or other nonsense along those lines. T_D is harassing other subs like /r/politics? oh, well lets tell moncler jackets cheap mods of other subs and T_D mods to not allow mentions of each moncler outlet online store other to avoid “brigading” because again, lets put moncler outlet kids a band aid on moncler outlets usa the problem and pretend it doesn really exist.

moncler outlet sale I have to honestly wonder what has to happen for you to do anything. Does Congress need to call you out to testify? Does Mueller need to list T_D in an indictment? Does a kid need to scream out “this is for T_D!” before he guns someone down? Its a fundamentally dangerous situation for more than one reason.

moncler sale outlet If you ACTUALLY cared. You would seek out not only the top suspects for Russian interference on your platform and shut them down (while making them public so people know what the disinformation looked like) but also seek out the parts of this site that do nothing but bring this site down. That promote Moncler Factory Outlet hate and radicalization and conspiracy. These things shouldn exist. They shouldn be given a platform to go on to claim nonsense that gets moncler jackets canada people hurt or radicalizes people. And you shouldn allow for a platform that lets Russia or anyone else manipulate people.

If you want me to personally track down specific threads and info on either topic, Russian interference or radicalization and how it was promoted and spread on your site I will happily do so. We can make a fucking subreddit moncler coats for kids dedicated to doing it as a community if you want. But it cheap moncler jackets wholesale only useful if you are going to actually act. Not just keep saying dumb shit like “T_D is moncler jackets toronto harmless moncler coats for women its best to let them stay” or “Russian propaganda was pushed by Americans so we can do anything about it”.

cheap moncler sale I don have my usual wealth of links moncler jackets outlet online to provide here as my desire to find them has been on the back burner in favor of looking into Trump over things like T_D but I sure I can do it if that what it takes to make this problem clear for people. I know users on /r/AgainstHateSubreddits have been posting quite a lot of info for a while now. I sure plenty of users out there have info on both Russian interference and radicalization based posts/threads/etc

Your userbase has been complaining about this moncler outlet usa shit for so long now and they been ignored in favor of a vocal minority from one subreddit. Lets fix this.

moncler sale PS : I know this was a long post, but its a rare opportunity to bring this shit up to spez directly, when I been complaining about it for over a year now. Thanks for reading. And if you have more info you want to provide along these lines, moncler coats cheap or questions about anything I said, send them my way.

Edit : If you want a true example of the shit I talking about. Look at the comments on my post. Promoting either, direct attacks on me, flat out conspiracies, disinformation, or defense of Russian interference. Again, I not saying this shit because of the politics of not liking Trump. This is a real danger and obvious problem on reddit that has been ignored.

cheap moncler outlet Edit 2 : Yes sandersforpresident and “bernie bros” were likely influenced by Russian propaganda and moncler outlet online influence as well. Again, this isn a political thing this is about Russian interference and dangerous radicalization online. Nothing else.

moncler outlet store Edit 3 : Guys I have 5 years worth of reddit gold. I appreciate it but I don need more. (Sorry if I sound like a dick but I trying to save you money)

Edit 4 : If you find yourself trying to rationalize promotion of Uranium One, or Seth Rich moncler coats for cheap or any other nonsense, you are kinda proving my point.

Edit 5 Senate Intel wants to hear from Reddit, and is going to talk to Tumblr

Anyway, I don think Spez will reply to me. But my main interest is getting Official Moncler Outlet people invested in the concerns here and aware of the danger of what can happen on these platforms. So if you personally know someone not informed about Russian interference, try to talk to them about it. If you see someone you know promoting some crazy conspiracies, try to talk some sense into them. The best thing you can do is keep people informed about what interference looks like and what crazy nonsense looks like. People who are properly informed don fall for it. And if Spez or other social media company leaders won do their jobs then the only alternative is to try to inoculate people to the problem brewing on all these platforms.

spez [A] 856 points submitted 1 month ago

This post is really the first time we said anything of consequence regarding Russia, and we wanted to share it with you, the community, first.


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